Sin and Sex

I was reading the teachings of Buddha the other night and, while I truly love the majority of the teachings, there seems to be a common flaw in the beliefs of many religions.  Sin and sex.

The greatest way to control people is to tell them something which is fun, which is a natural desire and something people crave to do is a sin and immoral.  But we have the cure, come to our church and you will be forgiven and let into heaven.  But on the chance of offending some people, I believe this is completely untrue on all accounts.

Sex is a beautiful thing when the people involved truly care for each other.  Selfish sex, where you are only thinking of yourself, would seem to be considered a sin.  And this has nothing to do with sex, this has to do with being inconsiderate of another person.

Instead of telling people what not to do maybe we should focus on talking about love and what it really is.  What it is to be open emotionally and to not feel inferior and to definitely not make others feel inferior.  Love is when you care as much, if not more, about the other person as you do yourself.

I know this is a taboo topic for many people, but I still have hope that as a people we can get past this outdated belief.  It is the 21st century and we are clinging to the rules of men who lived over a thousand years ago.  It is time for a change.  Women are not property, men are not the ruling class, we are all human and we all deserve happiness without consequences for just being happy.  Consequences are for when you do something to someone else which makes them unhappy or hurts them, emotionally and physically.

There is no sin in consensual sex.  There is nothing to feel guilty of unless you have made a commitment to someone and broke it.  There is nothing to feel guilty of unless you have coaxed someone into having sexual relations with you when you knew they really didn’t want to.  Guilt is for when you do something wrong, not when you do something right.  We need to change the way we view love, sex and acceptance.

We are living, emotional beings.  We feel, we have a desire to connect with others in many different ways.  Do not feel guilty for your feelings, we have them for a reason and you are meant to feel them.

I will talk more on this topic later, but for now, just try to love yourself and maybe someone else too.

Hope- The Church of Positive Vibes


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