What is more private?

There are certain topics I really like to discuss, not for shock value or for anything else like that.  But because of the way I grew up.  One of the topics is nudity.  For some reason being conservative and being spiritual or religious have tended to get lumped together when the reality is there are far worse things than nudity.

Photo by John Wehrheim

full article here photo by John Wehrheim

With social media probably being the biggest form of entertainment in the world today there are many people who do show off their bodies.  But here is my question.  What is more private?  Your nude body or showing off your private family life, your kids, where you live, where you can be found at any time of day?  I can go onto a social media site and find out where people hang out, what they eat, who their friends are and where they live.  I can tell you how many siblings they have, if their family is even in the same state as they are and where they work.  Suddenly nudity does not seem like the most private thing to be shared.

I personally think there is too much thought put into this topic.  We were all born naked and it is not a sin to be nude and to celebrate your body no matter what shape it is in!  I think there is a lot of shaming done in our society and the more we look at the human body the less there is to be ashamed about it.  Also, when nudity no longer becomes an issue the idea of attraction changes.  It is no longer about how someone looks, although that will always play a part, but we also look at who they are.

In religion today, many churches tell people what they should be against and what they should not do.  I personally challenge you to be the best person you can be and to not place your own personal choices unto others.   Everyone has their own level of comfort, I personally have no issues with nudity but I really like wearing shorts.  I know other men and women who prefer to just be nude or to be fully clothed.  Either way they are wonderful people.

I also know people who are against displays of nudity, they think it is immoral.  I cannot judge them and I will not, it is not my place to.  I can disagree, but once again I cannot place my own feelings about it above their feelings.  I look at it as it is.  I grew up in a household of open minds who placed a stronger value on being a good person over what you had on.  I also grew up in a home where my father was raised by a very strict, religious mother and he left the church because of it’s rules.

Rules, in my own opinion, are sometimes there to guide us, but also there to control us.  When it comes to rules, I like to look at them, examine them and figure out why they are there to begin with and where did these rules originate from?  I also try to stay away from absolutes, things like “never” and “always” because life is full of grey area.  Laws must be absolutes, simply because you would never get a conviction if they were vague!

I hope after reading this you will find the courage to just find yourself.  Not just with nudity, but with everything.  If you are against nudity or just don’t think it should be displayed, think about why and are you also displaying your personal life?  These are just thoughts to be considered.  As what is really more personal and revealing about you?  I encourage you to think for yourself and to question everything.  Life is about learning and growing, this is how we seek enlightenment.

As I have been reading the teachings of Buddha and Christ lately, there is something to think about here which nobody seems to talk about.  They both lived lives of experimentation.  We can learn from their experience, but if I told you how good a Snickers candy bar was, would you then never want to try it?  You would want to try it.  So Buddha took his vow of celibacy after being married and having a child.  This means he made the choice after he had already experienced this part of life.

Choosing to give something up for enlightenment once he had already experimented with it was part of his path.  This does not mean you must follow only his path, if anything it means you must follow your own.

So maybe your path is filled with nudity and maybe it is not.  Some are on paths where they are currently using drugs and some of them will not recover while others will.  We can be there to help them when they wish to recover, but we cannot make them quit unless they want to quit.  This is their journey.

We cannot ask others to follow our own path of enlightenment because we each have our own individual experiences which we view in our own way because of the way we were raised and the environment we grew up in.  So the next time you think someone is doing something wrong or immoral, don’t judge, examine.  We all have our own paths, we just happen to intersect with each other on occasion.  I say we all treat each other with respect when our paths cross, because you never know when we all may meet again.


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