Good Vibes

What better way to celebrate your life on this planet than to just have a great time doing what you love?  This world is so full of hate and violence that we need to just unite as the human race, take a step back and look at the beauty which surrounds us all.

Violence creates more violence, you need to fight it with love.  Love really can conquer all!  Hug your friends and family today, give your lover a kiss, enjoy the moment because this is what life is all about!

You were given the gift of life, don’t let it go to waste by doing things you don’t want to do.  I won’t go into the deep philosophical thoughts of why you need to do certain things, but I will say you need to enjoy one solid memorable moment from each and every day you are alive!

Why is it so hard to find a date?  Because it is much more difficult to make love than to make war.  It is easy to hate, hard to love and sometimes harder to just like.  I dare you to love someone and see if they love you back.  This doesn’t mean grab some girl off the street and try to kiss her, this means love thy neighbor.  This means accept someone who is different from you who you may disagree with.  When you treat someone with respect and with love, they quite often return the favor.

Surround yourself with love and good vibes and the world will become your playground!

Make love not war


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