The Art of Being Positive

For years music has been a source of inspiration to many people, including myself.  Soon I will be adding music to this site, some original music, some cover songs, and pretty much anything which represents positive vibes.  There are many different types of churches out there, this one is simply a place for inspiration and non-judgement.  Our music will show this as well.

In this country people seem to think conservatism goes hand in hand with a church.  Well, not here.  Of course we are not the typical church.  We don’t worship a god nor do we pray to a specific person or being.  It is all about positive thoughts and positive energy.  When you look at life through positive eyes things will change for the better.

Lucy by The Reverend Jim

A couple of years ago I was in a negative space.  Now I have always been a positive person, I have had people get frustrated with my own personal happiness before, but I went through a rough patch.  I started noticing the negative in the people closest to me.  The things they would do that I would otherwise never even think of noticing started to really bother me.  I won’t go into great detail, but it was affecting my marriage and my friendships.  I could have easily blamed this on my wife or others, but it was me.

I was choosing to view the world through negative eyes so I was seeing negative things.  Therefore I was feeling negative.  One day I woke up and just decided to be positive.  Yes it really was as simple as that.  Making the decision is the easy part, remembering you made the decision is the hard part.

I accept that I cannot control others.  I cannot control what others think, how they chew their food, how they view the world.  I can only do my best to look at the positive in them.  And if I know someone does something a little weird or off-putting I just accept this trait in them.  When you know someone has a habit or trait, and if you always get irritated at them for it but you know it is coming, who’s fault is it really?  You should be prepared for it and embrace it, and even enjoy it.


There is a movie called “About Time” and it is about time travel.  Not to give away the plot, but the father tells the son how to relive each day and enjoy the little things.  But the son realizes that enjoying the little things the first time around is even better.  This is how I choose to live.  Enjoy the little things, read a good book or 100 good books!  Spend time with those you love, because as I just found out this week, they may not always be with you.

I still make mistakes.  I still forget to forgive and forget to ignore the negative.  We currently do not have any access to time travel, so make as few mistakes as you can and please focus on the positive.  Don’t let little things ruin your life.  Don’t let them invade your mind and take over.  Instead sit back and watch.  Here is an example.  My mother-in-law has to tell a morbid story at dinner, it happens every single time.  Instead of cringing I am quietly waiting for it to happen.  When it does, it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t make me sick.  In fact, it now makes me smile.  I know this is who she is.  She is not me and does not think like me.  But I can appreciate her for who she is, and this makes life very enjoyable.

Accept, forgive, move on, move forward and stay positive.



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