What is tradition really?  It seems that some people really wish to stick with tradition while others wish to stray as far away from it as possible.  After all, a lot of traditions are rooted in a very dark history.  Just a quick, very brief, history on some interesting traditions.

A white wedding dress.  Some say it represents purity or being a virgin.  Wrong.  White became the popular color in 1840 when Queen Victoria decided to wear a white wedding gown.  Prior to that a wedding gown came in all different colors, and some countries actually preferred it to be black.

Roarie in White

The wedding veil was a tradition of the groom taking possession of his wife from her father.  Depending on how many cows, goats or whatever was traded for his property/daughter.

So really, these traditions are really just stories made up and passed down from generation to generation.  One reason I choose not to follow a traditional belief system is simply because I cannot rationalize a 2000 year old (or older) thought process in today’s world.  We have come so far and we know that some of these things written so many years just are not true.

My belief is we need to look forward.  We need to understand that we may not understand what this life is all about.  This is a big leap of faith because we have been told so many times about sins, heaven and hell and all of the stories about how you get to either.  Personally I believe in energy.  We are all energy as is the entire universe.  We are all connected and I am comfortable saying I do not know what happens next.  I am enjoying my current experience and I will embrace the next one which follows.

Just some random thoughts…


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