Sand and Stars

Freedom is probably one of my favorite words.  We have the freedom to be who we are, do what we want and live how we choose as long as we do not bring harm to others.  I think this is what also made me want to move to the desert.  There are so many open spaces to explore and to have the freedom to actually be alone with your thoughts.

Joshua Tree at night

Right behind my home is a wide open desert, not as open as I would like as I can see the cars in the distance on the highway, but it is open.  I often walk out and just relax in the sun.  All you hear is the wind, blowing sand against the vegetation and every now and then you see a little desert critter.  To me this is beautiful.

At night I can hear the coyotes yipping and the view to the stars up in the sky is just amazing.  These are the moments when I realize there has to be more than just us spinning around this little planet.  The Universe is an unbelievable place full of mystery and wonderment.  With all of the light coming in from stars, other galaxies and everything known and unknown it just makes you wonder how far it goes and if there is someone or something millions of miles away looking up at the sky and wondering the exact same thing.

When the time is right maybe we will all find the answers we are looking for, or maybe we will end up being the answer to somebody else’s question.  I’m okay with the unknown.  It fuels my imagination and lifts my spirit.  The desert may seem empty, but it fills my life.


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