The Next Chapter

I have taken many odd jobs in my life.  For most of my life I have never had what people call a real job.  I held one job for over a year, but I had the ability to take off whenever I wanted to and if I didn’t feel like working I could use my vacation time at a moments notice.  This was as close to a real job as I think I have ever had.

Since I was very young I have never quite understood the fascination with money.  People have this huge desire to get it and then can’t wait to spend it on something which just won’t last.  Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand the concept of money and how we need it in this day and age to get by, but I don’t understand the obsession.  Personally I feel money is there to keep the lights on, to keep a roof over our heads and to make sure we can feed ourselves and our families.  But why do you base what you do with your life 5 or 6 days a week off of how much money  you can make?

I believe you should do what you love, and if what you love makes you a lot of money, then bravo.  But I have so many people come talk to me about how they are very unhappy with their career choices but they need to make a certain amount of money just to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  This is when you really must take a look at your life.

Why live an unhappy life?  Some say it is sacrifice for your family, but what is that teaching your kids? (If you have kids that is)  It says go to work all week because that is what you are supposed to do.  Of course, some people feel validated and gain a lot of self-worth from working hard for 40 hours a week.  They take a lot of pride in this and this is wonderful!  This is very fulfilling and is great for them, but if this is not you it may be time for a change.

My father was an extremely hard worker.  He loved to work with his hands and to put in long hours.  It made him extremely happy.  I grew up working with him and he taught me how to have good work ethic and I developed a lot of skills along the way which still help me to this day.

Some of the odd jobs I have taken in my life are everything from carpenter to Uber driver to working in a restaurant and right now I am learning how to be a barista.  I have also been a professional musician, professional photographer, life coach, teacher, delivery driver and have done tech support work with PC and Mac.  My point is that I have always found a way to make money but to also expand my horizons while doing so.

There is a commonly used phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none.”  I don’t like this phrase.  You can definitely master more than one trade.  I am considered a master carpenter, a master photographer and I have been told by my peers in the music industry how I am a great musician.  A man who owns a record label told me I was one of the best guitar players he has ever seen.  This is not because I am some savant who has extreme abilities.  It is simply because I have passion for everything I do.

Following your passion is something so frowned upon in our society that it makes us feel inadequate and undermines our confidence in our own abilities.  My father still says to this day (and he is 80 years old) when you stop learning you stop living.  When I was 8 years old I asked him how he knew how to work on cars.  He simply said “a person made this car, I am a person and there is no reason I can’t fix it.”  This stuck with me and it still inspires me today.  There is no reason I cannot learn what I wish to learn.  But I must want to learn.

You are a person.  You can accomplish what you want to as long as you are committed to it.  I have yet to learn French because it really isn’t on the top of my priority list.  But I wanted to learn piano and I taught myself because I was passionate about it.  Just because you want something doesn’t mean you desire to make it happen.  And life is about discovering these differences.  Just because you thought you wanted to do one thing with your life doesn’t mean that your view won’t ever change.   I know someone who wanted to be in the FBI and got her degree in law, she changed her mind and is now an artist.  You do not have to be who you used to be or who you used to want to be.

If you let who you used to want to be dictate who you are now you will never be who you wish to be in the future.  Let the past be the past and let your future remain unwritten.  You are the writer of your novel of life, you should be the one deciding what the next chapter is.

Olivia Jordan Miss USA 2015

This is a photo of I took of Olivia Jordan, the current Miss USA.  She had been doing pageants for a while, was runner up for Miss California and wasn’t satisfied.  She then went into acting and was in a couple of movies.  She then wanted to be Miss USA so she went back to Oklahoma and won as Miss Oklahoma which gave her the opportunity to compete as for Miss USA, which she won.  She was then the 2nd runner up for Miss Universe this past year.  There is always a way, it just might not be on the first path you take.


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