Spiritual Walkabout

Staying true to who you are can be quite frightening if you are someone who tends to go your own way and not follow along with the typical things society tells us to follow.  Maybe you were an outcast in high school or just in life.  It could be from how you see the world to how you feel about current events or just that you are a little socially awkward.

When people find out I am a practicing reverend they always assume I am a little more on the conservative side.  When it is really the opposite.  I am one of the most liberal people you will meet.  I am not a Christian either.  I am truly non-denominational as I do not subscribe to any specific religion.  And this is a taboo topic for many people.  There is a fear in doing something different for many people, and some really do not like to stray from the norm.

Many religions focus on sin, telling you what not to do.  This never made sense to me.  It still doesn’t.  Nudity is another taboo people in America are afraid of.  For some reason a woman’s nipples are off the charts when it comes to what we are not supposed to see.  I really do not understand this.  There are arguments about how it will make men feel sexual urges and have deviant thoughts.  Maybe instead of covering women to stop men from feeling these urges we teach men how to control themselves?

But back to my main point of today’s blog.  I often find myself wanting to censor myself and this is all based on what society may think of me.  From my music and lyrics to some of the photo sessions I have done and just the way I lead my life.  I have to remind myself that this is my life and I am not seeking approval from anyone else.  I know other people out there also think this way, I have conversations with them all of the time!

I am challenging myself to break out even more from my personal comfort zone.  I will be exploring new ideas, setting out on little adventures to expand my thought pattern and I look forward to meeting new people and getting their thoughts on how they see life.   I am not your typical reverend.  I have been following the Universe for many years now, letting it guide me and inspire my life.  It has been what I call a “Spiritual Walkabout”.  So far so good and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

This photo from when Olivia and I were in the desert out near my home in Palm Springs.  We were shooting some free spirited photos and this is one I really like.  Kind of symbolic of total freedom.  Sometimes when walking through the desert all you need is some sunblock, boots and goggles to keep the sand out of your eyes.  Go to Burning Man, this is what you will see! I’m betting the wardrobe will be a little different when I’m at the Coachella Festival in a few weeks! 🙂

Olivia by Reverend Jim


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