Irrelevant Filler

I normally like to focus on the positive, but there is something which I feel I must discuss.  We (as humans) have such a god complex.  And when I say god complex I am not just talking about narcissistic doctors, public servants, politicians or people in power.  I am talking about all of us.  Including myself.

I have to remind myself all of the time of this and it is a great way to remain humble even when you just don’t want to be.  Awareness of your own mindset can really frustrate you when you really want to give in to the urges of what you think you know.

Here is the biggest example of why I think humans are losing their sense of being.

Slab City

We kill more animals in the United States every year than the total number of humans that have ever existed in the history of the earth.  Let that sink in for a minute.  We kill billions of animals every year.

Now before you think I am going on a vegan rant or something I just want to say I am not.  I’m not a vegan or vegetarian either.

Life is taken for granted every day by all of us.  We allow puppy mills to keep breeding dogs while dogs in shelters are killed.  Millions of dogs are killed because of greed over money.  They say it is to control the pet population.  Well how about we stop the breeders before the population gets out of control?  Oh but that cuts into the economy and we cannot take away their income.  Money is more valuable than life.  Whatever happened to an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

We go to the grocery store to buy our beef, pork, chicken or whatever.  Native Americans were hunters who respected the animals and had traditions of prayer after a kill and would pray for the animals spirit.  All we do is swipe a plastic card at the checkout and talk about a recipe we saw on the Food Network.

Today they say a prayer thanking God for providing food at the dinner table.  I’m pretty sure this is meant to make you feel better about having a dead animal on your table.

I have no issue with hunters who use the animals for food.  I actually respect them more than people who go to the grocery store and stock their freezers full of food, half of which will be thrown out due to frost bite later on.

The problem is the justification of the kill.  One person told me, “eh, it’s just food.”  He used to work in a slaughterhouse.  He said at first it really bothered him killing the cows, and then it became routine and they were just food.  Christians believe God put animals on this planet for us all to eat.  They don’t go to heaven, they are just food for us.  Really?  Last time I checked they had nerve endings and could feel.  But what also bothers me is how he said it bothered him at first, but because he needed a job and people told him that it is just food, he can trick his mind into believing that treating a living being like this is justifiable and fine.  We even justify the killing of people around the world, all to make us sleep better.

This post may get on some people’s nerves but it is something I need to bring to the attention of those of us who truly wish to respect life.  We are losing our humanity when we do not respect where our food came from.  This is why Monsanto is allowed to be the biggest producer of seeds.  We are now no longer respecting where our vegetables are coming from!

We are not God.  None of us are.  Who says we get to decide who gets to live and die on this planet?  Slaughtering millions of living creatures every year does not sound like the work of any God, it sounds like the work of people who justify it all by saying it is God’s will.  I would bet that it is not.  I can’t prove this, but neither can you.  People are still killing animals in Africa and Asia because they believe a tiger’s blood can cure disease, or parts of other animals will help your sex life.

We need to look at the world differently if we wish to make any progress.  The respect for life is dwindling around the world.  People kill each other, buy slaughtered animals because they don’t wish to go out and hunt it for themselves.  We have TV networks dedicated to food and run shows about “Bacon”.  We are living in dangerous times.  It isn’t just about animals and cruelty, I could go on about all of this for days.  But my point is about keeping our humanity.

Our humanity is what gives us compassion for each other as well as other living creatures.  It is also what allows us to simply be better people to ourselves.  Material objects should not be placed above life.  Money is not more important than a life.  But we see this in war, we see this in puppy and kitten mills and we see it in our food.  We are taught to separate our lives from other people because “bad” people live over there, and “we are the good guys” so it is okay if we bomb them.

Simply saying that “God wants it this way” is a cop out.  We all need to be held accountable for our own actions.  Using God as a scapegoat is not respecting yourself, the kill or your God.  And why would God want you to go and kill thousands of people you don’t know?

Humans have decided we know what is best for this planet.  But humans don’t listen to reason, they (we) don’t listen when it comes to global warming or environmental concerns, animal welfare, or anything which does not involve major amounts of money.  We have the technology to live off of clean energy, to not have to have animals living in filth and if we stopped the mass production of animals like cats and dogs there would be empty shelters across the United States because animals would have homes.

We need to stop being a virus to this planet and start protecting it and all the life that is on it.  Stop trophy hunting rare animals.  Stop breeding animals just to kill them.  Stop polluting our world just to buy a bigger house which requires more environmental damage.  Stop and think.

I know some people will be offended by the way I speak of “God” sometimes.  But I come from the stand point of reversing the lies of man.  We have been told things to make us follow and believe whatever the church has said as the word of God.  I know these things to be untrue and refuse to follow blindly, without question because if you look at these things, their only benefit is for men.  Women are property, children are property, animals do not have souls and are simply food.  This is the year 2016 and it is time we stop living by ancient traditions or at least stop accepting them as fact.  The fact is that we have all been lied to and continue to be lied to by those we trust.

Live passionately and with compassion.  Embrace the empathy you feel towards others.  Love deeply and without regret.  Respect yourself and the world around you.  A meaningful life is measured by how you have treated others.  Everything else is irrelevant filler.

“Compassion is that which meets all the ugliness in ourselves and in others with love, understanding and kindness.” -Unknown




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