Summer of Adventure

I have not been posting lately because I have been busy exploring different options in life.  Every so often I find it necessary to take a break from any regular routine I have developed and to try out different thought processes and really meditate on how I should live my life.

If there is one thing I have learned over my life it is to fully embrace change and to fully embrace new experiences.  I also love to continue on with what I have already learned in my earlier years.

My wife is opening up a new business and I volunteered to do all of the construction and that type of work needed to get it open.  I have been painting, building the new counter, installing the new sinks, and just fixing everything which needs to be fixed.  I love this type of work!  The funniest moment was when I had to haul four very large pieces of wood on the top of my little Fiat 500!  Oh the looks I got from the people in town.  I call it my little work truck.  I love this car!  I had to park next to the other work trucks.

The Fiat Work Truck

Once this business is open I have a plan of making several little adventures with this car.  I will be traveling to the beach and back to the desert a lot this summer as I am helping friends remodel their new home, so why not document some of these adventures?

My goal is to help people when I can, motivate them when I can, stay motivated for my own projects and to just enjoy everything I can possibly enjoy.  I saw a very interesting video recently and one thing said in it really stuck with me.  Life is short when you have a routine.  Time goes by slower when you are young because every day is a day of exploration and stimulation.  As we get older we tend to fall into a routine which makes the days seem to fly by because we do not have this sense of exploration or stimulation of something new.

I am choosing to freeze time as much as possible by continuing to explore and to seek out as many new adventures as possible.  Even if it means swinging a hammer, cooking a new meal, learning how to brew the perfect cup of coffee or teaching my dogs new tricks!  I refuse to fall into a routine and this will be my summer of adventure…. again. 😉


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