Today is Happening

Having a different perspective on how to live your life can often become frustrating.  You have society telling you one thing about how you should live.  If you go to a specific church they may tell you how you should live.  Your parents, friends, peers, co-workers and on down the line, they all may have an opinion of what you should do with your life or how you should live it.

But what it comes down to is you.  How do you see yourself today?  It doesn’t matter what you will be in the future because today is now and it is happening right in front of you.  Planning for the future on a broad scale is good, planning your every single move because that is what you are supposed to be doing with your life may not be good.


My lifestyle is not for everyone, I know this.  I live a very “free” life.  I have good friends, I love playing music, hanging out in the middle of nowhere, or going to the beach or just kicking back and watching a good movie.  I have never wanted to be a part of the regular 9 to 5 struggle.  Money means less to me than memories.

One reason I take pictures is because these are memories.  This is how I save moments of my life, even if the photos are of someone else.  The photos I am posting today are from a shoot with my friend and part-time assistant Robyn.  She wanted some photos to possibly submit to a magazine for her modeling career, or maybe just some cool photos for social media.  She was cool with whatever we shot.

Robyn by Jim

This was a shoot where we didn’t really have a plan, I found some cool stuff at a thrift store and decorated my SUV, went to the beach and spent a few hours hanging out and taking pictures.  But this was the shoot when I realized I should hire her as my assistant.  I was picking up lunch for my wife and her staff when my scatter brain tendencies appeared.  And there was Robyn picking up everything for me without me having to ask.  It seemed that everything I did she was a step ahead of me.  I liked that!

But this is when things got interesting and honestly gets me back to my original point of this post.  I hired her.  And of course there were those who thought I only hired her because of the way she looked and here was this younger woman working for a middle-aged man.  People love to talk, so I just let them and she did too.  The fact was that she was a great assistant!

Robyn by Jim

There were people who would question my friendship with her, but those closest to me didn’t.  She was just like a younger, female version of me.  They would question me “allowing” her to show up to work in what would be considered beach attire, but we worked at the beach a lot!  I was wearing board shorts and flip flops, why can’t she wear a jumper with a bikini underneath?  Lots of hypocrisy in this world.

The funny thing is that we are still friends even though she lives across the country.  But when her sister got engaged I was the first person she contacted regarding what she needed for the wedding.  We are like family, and those who have an issue with this are trying to create an issue with this that doesn’t even exist!

Robyn by Jim

The point is, people were telling me not to have a young assistant because it could lead to a rift with my wife and me.  No, the only way there could be an issue with my wife and I is if I were to allow something like that to happen or act in a way which would create a rift.  I am responsible for my own actions.  Not to mention my wife is friends with her too!

This is why I say live for you.  Do not live by other people’s rules because then you have to live up to their expectations as well.  Yesterday already happened and tomorrow is not here yet.  Today is happening right now, follow your path today and it will lead you to tomorrow, wherever that may go.   I am lucky to have the friends I have and some of them are people who do not live by societies rules.  Some are nudists, some are living off the grid, some are still finding themselves.  I have friends who range from very young to very old.  I feel lucky and I feel like it has added to my life simply by knowing these people.

Robyn by Jim

My life isn’t for everyone, but that is why it is mine.  Now stop reading this, stop falling in love with Robyn and go out and live for today! 😉

Road Closed


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