Gratitude and Positive Thinking

I had a friend recently finish a goal he set out to achieve.  It is called “100 days of gratitude”.  It is simply about acknowledging the things and the people you appreciate.  It seems like this would be an easy task, but you may find it more difficult than you originally thought.

For some reason we tend to complain more than we think we do.  I think it is because negative energy is much easier to release than positive energy.  Partly because you want it out of your system!

I have talked about this before, but being positive is something which can change your life for the better.  But you also have to take charge of your life and take responsibility for the way you feel about your current situation.


Not too many years ago I lost almost everything.  I lost my house, my cars, my business and many friends.  I was forced to move into my warehouse space.  It was terrible because it wasn’t my fault at all, nor my wife’s.  We were victims of the whole housing crisis.  The bank just decided they wanted my home, even though I wasn’t behind on the mortgage, I owed less than what it was worth but a big bank bought out my little bank and their computer said they were taking my house, so they did.  I lost over $250,000 in equity, had to file for bankruptcy and lost nearly everything I had ever worked for.  I was in a slightly negative state of mind to say the least.

As time went on I started to not like my situation more and more, and it seemed that no matter what I did I could not get out of it.  I started to not like my marriage, we were not seeing eye to eye and everything seemed to be spinning out of control.  I found myself actually blaming others and I could not get past this point, I got screwed over.  And yes I did get screwed over but I was now screwing myself over.

This is when I had one little thought which brought me out of this 3 year downward spiral.  I just want to be happy.  I can choose to be happy.  I can choose to look at the positive things in life rather than dwell on what I don’t like which is out of my control anyway.  This one moment changed everything.

My wife and I still do not agree on everything, but we never did.  But it doesn’t bother me at all anymore because I know she will disagree but that is part of what I love about her.  By looking at the positive I focus my energy on the things I like about her and what I like about life in general.

If I hadn’t lost everything I would not be where I am at now.  I’m not saying everything happens for a reason, but I am saying that stuff happens and what you do with it is totally up to you.  You are in more control than you think you are!

Choosing to look at the positive does not keep the negative from happening, this is life and sometimes things just get in the way.  But it does change how you feel about these things that happen.  And this is really how to live a fulfilling life.  Would you rather spend your day in a crappy mood thinking about all of the bad things or just acknowledge that bad things happen but focus your time and energy on what is positive in your life and in the world.

Personally, I know there are starving people out there.  I can feel bad and let it bring me down, or I can do something to actually help those who are hungry.  So I choose to do what good I can do when I can do it.  It is like the story of the little boy who is at the beach.  There are thousands of fish which have washed upon the shore and are flopping around because they are out of the water.  The boy begins to put one fish at a time back into the ocean when a man comes up and asks him why is he wasting his efforts, there are too many to save and he tells the boy what he is doing doesn’t matter.  The boy places one more fish back into the ocean and simply says, “it matters to that one.”

You can choose what affects you.  The negative or the positive.  I have learned to choose the positive, it is worth the effort.


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