A life without rules.

Part of life is finding your place.  Part of finding your place is realizing that it may change from time to time and it could go back to where it was before or you could wind up on a completely different path than you could have never possibly imagined.

I love new experiences and I love meeting new people.  I don’t always want to keep hanging out with some of the new people I meet, but some have actually become good friends or just really great people to have wonderful conversations with.

I remember back in college when I was a philosophy major.  I was very idealistic, even more than I am today!  I left collage before graduating because I thought if I really wanted to be a philosopher why did I need a piece of paper to tell me that I was one?  So I read books, lots of books.  I read books on religion, on philosophy and on many different theories from all different perspectives on life.


In all this reading there was one thing I found they all had in common.  They all had rules.  All religions have rules you are supposed to follow to either get into heaven or to achieve enlightenment.  Cults have rules too as well as many philosophies.  This is something I could never grasp simply because life does not have any rules.  Life deals you hands and you sometimes just have to deal with them.  Life doesn’t play by any rules, so even if you follow the rules set by other people well then you are playing by their rules and life may not turn out the way you wish it to.

Of course I’m not going to tell you to go out and rob a bank or anything like that.  These should not be rules, not robbing a bank or stealing from anyone should really just be common sense.  I won’t say “The Golden Rule” because that is still a rule, and really it is hard to treat others how you would like to be treated because every situation is different.  I get the idea behind it, but still, I cannot believe in rules.

I really like looking at religion and our little church of positive vibes as just a good idea.  It is about being positive, helping each other, accepting everyone for who they are.  And maybe someone doesn’t really know who they are yet, that is fine too!

We are all spinning around on this rock in the middle of a vast universe just simply trying to find out why we are here.  Maybe we are here just to enjoy life, to live life and to experience all we can.  Maybe we are meant to enjoy those meals, indulge in the little things and celebrate as often as possible.

I highly suggest finding someone you are close with and just go out and have fun with them.  If it is your spouse, best friend, new friend or even your dog.  Go out and be happy!  Go out and enjoy the little things life has to offer together.  Celebrate the life you have now, celebrate the people in your life, celebrate every second you are allowed to breath in the air and experience the world around you.  This in itself is a miracle, and it should be treated as one.


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