With all of the technology today, which is pretty amazing if you really think about it, there are so many distractions where you can seriously lose track of life.  Now I’m not one of those who suggest getting rid of everything and completely detach yourself from technology, to me that is asking a lot of a modern society.

Instead I say start small.  Unplug yourself from your phone or from your laptop.  I do not use my phone as much as others do, but here is one thing I do to enjoy life outside of the internet.  When my phone is plugged in and charging, I don’t use it.  I don’t check email on it, I don’t look at the notifications and if I am charging it over night, I keep it across the room and face down.  I am unplugging myself from my phone and all of the little distractions it brings.


Now I love my phone, I love the internet and I love connecting with others.  But human interaction is something I crave as well.  Last night is a good example.  My brother in-law has a friend visiting.  She just got back from an 8 month journey through South America!  Instead of playing on my phone, I left it on my desk, I went outside where we all hung out, made tacos, drank, some smoked, and we swam in the pool and lounged in the hot tub.

This really made me want to enjoy more of my own adventures, to travel more and to really explore life to the fullest amount possible.  It also made me realize that even though I have been to 49 states that I have so much more to see in even my own home town!  It was a great night of just hanging out and totally inspiring!

This was far better than anything my phone could have offered me at that very moment.  This is why I unplug myself and take in the world around me.  I heard some great stories of her travels and I got to spend time with my family as well.  The internet will still be there, these moments will not.  Enjoy the present.  After all, like they say, you know why they call it the present?  Because it is a gift.


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