Dance to the beat of your own drum!

When you have a slightly different view of the world and you march to the beat of your own drum there are a lot of people who will think you’re weird.  And maybe you are, but is that so bad?  What is wrong with being weird?  Wow, you’re not like everybody else, I still see absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Personally I like weird.  I like people who think differently than I do, they have so much to offer in conversation.  While I like talking with people who share my views, I learn so much more when others have different life experiences, have different views or believe in the exact opposite of what I believe.  Part of accepting others is accepting them for who they are, not who you wish they were or who you believe they should be.


The struggle to be “normal” is just a way of repressing who you really are.  If we were all meant to be the same life would be boring!  We all have different pathways in this life, sometimes our paths will take us in a direction where we must make a decision on exactly who we are.  How we react, how we deal with things and how we feel gives us our own insight into who we are.

There are some things you must remember in this life.  There are no wrong decisions, there are no right answers.  They are just the decisions we have made, some we won’t make the same again and some we will.  The answers are just what they are, answers.  Life isn’t like math, there are no definite answers.  In life 2 + 2 can equal 97!  You can do everything you think is right and still wind up wrong.  Why is this so?  Because people are variables.  Other people who are involved with these answers are an unknown, you may think you know how they could possibly react to your decisions, but you never really know and until they react you just don’t know.

This is where you need to be true to yourself and to surround yourself with people who are also true to themselves.  This takes out a lot of the guessing.  At least for me I like to be surrounded with people like this.  I may not always agree with them, but I know they speak their truth, which is something very valuable in my mind and can build long lasting friendships!

I do like to also say, do not confuse other people’s opinions with the truth.  It may be how they truly feel, but it doesn’t make them right.  I was talking with my mother yesterday and it was funny how she told me she was talking to her sister and her sister got mad at her because my mom was leaving the family reunion early to go see her husband’s band play, and as my mom puts it, she’ll “find a fat cowboy to dance with” and have a good time.  My aunt told my mother to “grow up” because that is basically no way to act as an adult.  In response to this my mother said nothing and went dancing!

You do not have to argue, just do what you’re going to do.  Don’t change if you don’t want to.  Dance when you feel like dancing and sing when you feel like singing.  I am not the best dancer in the world but sometimes you just can’t help but move your feet to the music of life!  You do not have to grow up the way society tells you and you do not have to act like an adult.  Be who you are, love who you are and when you find friends who accept you for who you are, hold on to them and embrace them the same way they embrace you.

If you feel you cannot be yourself where you are now, just remember there are many of out there who have felt this way and still feel this way as well!  You’re not alone and you are always welcome in our hearts!  And every community has people who are struggling with this, it is hard to reach out, but even if you have to get online and reach out to someone you don’t know just to talk, do it.  You never know when you may get asked to join in on the dancing!



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