Art and nosy neighbors.

For some reason I think I am seriously on to something big.  I have been looking at all of these Burning Man photos around the interweb and I am on a mission as an artist.  My mission is to turn my backyard into my own little Burning Man.

I may be a little crazy.  I am starting to come to terms with this.  But I like the kind of crazy I think I may be.  I’m not sure if that makes me more or less sane, but that is a discussion for another time.  Right now I am obsessing over ideas in my head.  I have so many of them that I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner!  Yes I get excited over the little things like this in life!

My carpentry, art skills and complete lack of caring what others think of me are going to come into play perfectly for this!  I’m sure my neighbors will be okay with this.  If not, oh well, it’s art!

Honestly, after my neighbor cut down all of his trees so he can see into our backyard I don’t really care what he thinks.  It is funny how he cuts down all the trees after he notices I have had nude people hanging out in the back yard.  His timing is amazing!

But now it has inspired me to do something more.  I am going to go crazy installing all sorts of cool new items, everything from an outdoor yoga studio to an outdoor office and even some very cool weathervanes! Yeah, it will take me a while but I am beginning construction this week!  I need this as a hobby anyway, I need more creative outlets in my life.

Plus I love having photo shoots outside and I am kind of addicted to being a homebody.  This is the best of both worlds for me!  I get to play and then play some more!  This is just one more reason why I call it my playground.  I will be adding a swing too.  Maybe even some other playground contraptions.  But we will see what the future holds.

Olivia in the backyard

The goal is to always be appropriately inappropriate.  Or something like that.  Either way I will be having fun and my neighbor will have to look at the nude people the old fashioned way, by either joining in or peeking through the bushes like a normal person. 😉


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