A place to be yourself

People who know me have asked why I started this church.  As it is not a typical church, we do not really follow along with what a “normal” church would do.  Honestly, I started this because I am a very spiritual person but I do not subscribe to the hypocrisy and misinformation (as I see it) in most traditional religions.

But I do not want to talk about what other churches do no have, I want to focus on the positive as this is what it is all about to me.  Part of keeping positive is when people criticize you or your beliefs you just let them.  It isn’t my responsibility to lecture them on their way of thinking or way of life unless they ask me my opinion.


I have been criticized most of my life for the type of work I have done, the people I hang out with but mostly the criticism comes from an actual lack of knowledge about what it is I actually do and who I actually am.  I remember my friend’s parents when we were in high school, they really didn’t like me and thought I was a bad influence.  But what they didn’t know is I was the one who would be the designated driver.  I was making sure all of my friends got home safe after a night of partying.

One time I brought my friend home late, he was really drunk.  I had a fairly loud muscle car and the next day his mom lectured me about how I need to be a little more quiet when driving in their neighborhood.  Honestly I rolled in as quiet as my car could be, but she would find any reason to see something wrong with what I was doing.   To this day she has no idea how many times her son came home intoxicated and how many times I stopped him from driving drunk.  But I am the bad influence.

Sometimes people see what they want to see.  I do my best to see the good in people, but I also try to see who they really are.  You also can’t let the good hide the bad from you.  Because if you do, you’ll be open to being taken advantage of.  I just like to keep a good balance of reality in my life.

So am I perfect?  Not even close!  I enjoy an adult beverage or two every now and then, sometimes I will even smoke a little weed.  I will also fully indulge in life and experiences of life.  I also see no harm in nudity, sex, cursing and having a good time.  But I do all of these things in positive ways.  I wish no harm to anyone, I just want people to feel safe, have a good time and be able to express who they are without being judged by a society who seems to have its nose in everyone else’s business but completely lacks the moral compass to understand the hypocrisy of it’s own actions.

I’m sure I will get lectured again soon by someone who doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand the way I view life.  I’m okay with that.  I’m sure others will think I am “up to something” because I must have an ulterior motive, I can’t actually be honest with what I am doing.  Oh well.  Life goes on and I just don’t have the time to fight the world.  All I can do is offer a place for people who see the world in a similar to come and hang out, be themselves and maybe hang out by the pool and discuss life, the universe and maybe even find out something new about themselves.

This is why I started this church.  It is simply a place for me to be me and I have opened the doors so you can be you.


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