Conversations With An Atheist

So many people have absolutely no clue what atheism actually is.  Some have considered me to be an atheist.  Here is why.  I don’t believe in a man in the sky waving his magic wand who created everything out of thin air.  Sorry, this just doesn’t make any rational sense to me.


This terminology may not sit well with those who believe in god, or a god or goddess or one sole creator, but I am not one to mix words.  And you may be saying, “But how can you be a reverend if you don’t believe in god?”  The answer is simple, I have no clue what god is, where we came from or where we are going.  I happened to be a reverend because that is the title I was given when I was ordained so many years ago!  I just know we are all connected.  And this is the conversation I had with my atheist friend Eleanor the other day.

She is out visiting from the east coast and we always have interesting conversations.  She is from Sweden and has been an atheist her entire life.  This is very normal where she is from, but in a sense she is also one of the most spiritual people I know.  She and I were having a conversation about the universe and how we are all energy and how we are all connected.  There was no need for either of us to figure out how it all works because we both know that it is totally beyond our comprehension.


We also hung out by the pool, her favorite place to do yoga, and played some music.  She is a full time musician, activist, humanist and overall kick-ass person!  These are the type of people I like to hang out with.  Good souls who are out to make this world a better place.


We all don’t have to believe the same thing to be connected.  We are all here on this little blue dot flying through space together, and maybe we need to admit we really don’t know what we think we know and start to get to know each other a little better.  Our connection with each other is really what matters.


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