Open to Inspiration

Every now and then you meet someone who truly inspires you.  A few years back I was posting a lot of photography work on Instagram and for some reason there was one person who seemed to just get the work for how I wanted it to be seen.  I say this because most of the work I did back then involved female models and so many people just saw the work and took it at face value for being a photo of a pretty woman.

But one person really saw beyond this and she loved how I photographed women.  When I finally made it to New York she really wanted to meet up and have me take photos of her.  We met up in Central Park and went for a walk.  This was one of those times when I met someone who I swear I knew forever.  We walked and talked for a very long time before we finally started to take some photos.  And honestly the photos ended up being secondary because the conversation was just amazing.  It was just simple, meaningful conversation about real life.  No small talk, and there was a genuine interest in each other’s well being.

I don’t even know how much time went by but it was one of those days when it just seemed like the perfect amount of time.  Just long enough to enjoy each other’s company and just short enough to make us want to meet again some day.

A few years have gone by now and we still talk every now and then on Facebook, each time it is as if no time has gone by.  As I write this I can’t help but vividly remember everything about that day.  There are very few people who have impacted my life like this.  The way she saw through my work and saw what I was trying to accomplish made me want to try harder because when someone sees your true intentions it is inspiring.

"Miss Growls"

There is a way to appreciate beauty without exploiting it.  There is a way to see beauty in everything.  Inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes it comes in memories of a simple walk in the park.  This will always be one of my favorite days with a stranger who became a friend.  Thank you to my wonderful friend for continuing to be an inspiration.


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