I had a great conversation with a friend of mine the other day.  She was a model, she too got burned out from the industry and left for personal reasons.  Over the years we have always stayed in contact and now there is potential for us to work together again!

A few years back I remember she posted one of her writings on Instagram, it was intense, sexual and just very raw human emotion.  This is when I started reading more of her writings.  There was a rare, honest use of phrase with her blunt intensity.  It was very inspiring, and one of the things that helped me launch this whole church of positive vibes idea.

Codi by Reverend Jim

I have always said, and have a category for “Taboo Topics” for a reason.  To me sex, nudity and indulgence are not sins.  These are natural human traits.  I do not believe in sin as so many religions do.  As long as you are all in consent (and old enough to make that decision) and you all agree to what is happening, it is all good in my book!

Her writing was very bold, basically about wanting to be the sexual desire of a specific someone.  The writing was also very concise, it got straight to the point.  All I know is it got my attention and inspired me to write a song about it.

Codi by Reverend Jim

What is great about inspiration and not looking at sin the same way as many do is that you can open yourself up to a whole new way of thinking.  While she wrote about sex and my song is basically sexual in nature, the two are not connected and we are not writing about each other.  Her words inspired my words.  The thoughts are my own, the story is my own.

Codi by Reverend Jim

I told her this and she was flattered and if she decides to get creative again with her modeling we may end up making a music video together for my song, which I will be recording soon.  If this all happens, believe me I will post it here!  This is why inspiration is so important.  It allows you to explore your own thoughts and desires.  There is nothing wrong with thinking this way or living this way.  We do have human nature, we do have needs and wants.  I refuse to believe that having these desires is a sin or immoral.  Consensual exploration is not a sin, but it is a good way to spend an afternoon.




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