It Is A Good Day

Today is a good day.  This is what I tell myself as often as possible throughout the day.  It keeps me in a good mood and allows me to enjoy all of the positive that has happened throughout the day.  Negative stuff still happens, but I have learned to brush that off and to simply stop and smell the roses.  Or run through the open field, this is actually still fun to do!

Chelsea in the open field

Appreciate the little things, give them the attention they deserve.  This is a great way to train yourself into focusing on the positive.  I could go on and on about some of the negative things that happened today, but it won’t do me any good.  All it will do is make me think and re-think about them.  I’ve processed it all once, and that is enough.  I know now how to move on away from it all.

The trick is to not block out anything and to focus on what really matters.  Suddenly you realize that all of these little negative issues really aren’t that big.  You realize that your stress and anxiety will decrease because you are no longer fixated on what you are not in control of to begin with.  You can control what you let in, so let the positive it.  Even if you have to force it in, do it!

Right now, as you’re reading this, think about one good thing that happened today.  Did you dog wag its tail at you and was it happy to see you?  Think about the person you love most, think about what you love most about them.  Think about the funniest thing you have said lately, does it still make you laugh?  This is you.  This is who you really are and what you should feel as often as possible.  Be positive and be you. Smile, laugh, be silly and enjoy life!


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