Gypsy Life

I think it is about time to start holding retreats again.  This is when we all go out to the middle of nowhere, camp. talk about life, spirituality and whatever else we need to discuss and get out into the world.  These little spiritual getaways are always enlightening and always leave me feeling great about life.

There are many different gatherings around the world and there is a great place up in Oregon that has just opened up, it took them 20 years to finally purchase a gorgeous piece of property and to be able to hold their events up there.  I wish them all the best!  I prefer to change locations, maybe it is the gypsy in me, but I like the nomad style of getting together.  You’re never sure who will you will see again or of the new people you will meet.

I’d love to get an RV, put up ads on Craigslist and see where I could park and who I could meet.  Maybe a van? Who knows, it is just something I would love to do.  Go out and meet random strangers who are simply willing to give you a place to park for the evening or weekend.  Pick up some extra work to cover gas money and food.  You just happen to take your home with you!  I bet my dog would love this lifestyle!


The next gathering may just have to be at my place.  But I’ll figure this out once I have a better idea of when it can take place.  With all of the holidays coming up I will already have my plate full.  Which is a reminder to me of filling other people’s plates.  This time of year is really rough on a lot of people.  Food is a necessity and sometimes something as simple as donating at your local grocery store can help an entire family eat for the holidays.

While I talk about being a gypsy it just reminds me that not everyone is able to take care of themselves or maybe has just found themselves in a very rough spot this year.  Some people are living out of their RV’s not by choice but because it is the only option they have, and some don’t even have the luxury of an RV!

If you have a little extra cash to give to a food bank, or if you have extra food, just help if you can.  Remember, we are all connected and if we all help out just a little it makes a huge difference.  I’m off to see what I can do to help, and then I’ll start planning my little getaway. 😉


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