Inspiration of Youth

There is something inspirational about youth.  I know it is celebrated in our pop culture, but there is something about talking with younger people than myself I find fascinating.  They have such a fresh outlook on life.  Some may call it innocence or say they just don’t have enough life experience yet, but to me this is refreshing.

I was chatting with two young women, both about 18 years old, and they have such an optimistic view of life.  They know there are ups and downs, but they are cool with that.  They have such a great joy about them and it is kind of contagious.

There is also another young man who I talk to about 4-5 times a week.  He has already traveled the world, seen things that many of us will never see and yet he still holds this innocence and is not yet jaded by the world around us.  His views are his own and he has so many questions about life, love and just completely random questions that really make me think sometimes.

From a class I taught, Jim and class.

This little group has made me want to start holding services again, maybe on Sundays to stick with the norm, or possibly on a Wednesday evening just because it is the middle of the week and there usually isn’t anything else to do, except for maybe go to a cheap movie?  But either way I need to start holding regular services again.

These younger people have definitely inspired me, probably more than they even realize, and I am feeling very good about the future with people like this growing up in the world today.  We may still want to cling on to the old ways of things, but there is a new generation on its way and they are ready for everything which stands in front of them.

I am thankful for my new friends and I cannot wait to begin holding regular services again.  They are truly the inspiration behind it all.  I am one lucky guy!


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