The Path To Being Happy

I do a lot of reading.  I read a ton of blogs, fewer books these days and I love finding new creative works as well.  But there is one thing I have noticed with a lot of “inspirational” blogs or religious blogs.  They all tell you what successful people do, what you should do to be happier or how you should live your life.  Many give you a set of rules to live by and this is supposed to make you happy.  Sorry, but I just don’t see it that way.

Honestly, this site won’t give you a path to happiness, if anything it will tell you that you are already there but just haven’t realized it yet!  Life can suck sometimes, but you are in control of how you handle any situation that life throws at you.  I refuse to believe that if you live by a set of rules written over a thousand years ago that these actions will in any way make you actually happy.

This is today, it is happening right now in front of you!  I’ve talked about sin before, but do you realize that almost everything we do today would be considered a sin back in the day?  This post alone for questioning the rules would be sinful!  This is why things need to change and we need to be that change.


First off, I don’t believe in sin, I believe in making good and bad decisions. Each have their own set of consequences. A friend of mine used to lead women on, he would be dating two or three different women who didn’t know about each other.  Now this is a very religious man, my friend that is, and he got off on having all these women who wanted to be with him.  But once they all found out they all left him.  So he was left feeling down and out, but this was all his own doing.  This was a bad decision because two of the women had actually told him that they were cool with an open relationship, it was his lying that they didn’t like.  He had happiness right in front of him but he couldn’t be honest with them about what it was he really wanted.  He lost relationships, he lost friends and he looked like an ass because he led three women on at the same time.  He was wrong and he found out the hard way!

I swear one reason my wife and I have lasted so long is from the simple truths.  When we first started dating we both said we don’t believe in cheating on one another, so if either one of us feels the urge to be with someone else please have the respect for the other to tell them and be up front and honest.  This isn’t just respect for your partner, it is respect for yourself and the entire relationship you have built!

When I say I don’t believe in sin people often ask “what about murder?”  Well, that is a bad decision.  It has major consequences.  Will the universe punish the murderer?  Well, that isn’t up to me.  We have a judicial system for crime and punishment, it isn’t a perfect system, but this is what we as a whole have decided will work for now.  Anything beyond that isn’t up to me.  There is no real rule book as to what happens after this life.  There are plenty of guesses, but aside from that we really don’t know.

People will also quote bible scripture to me to show me what happens.  Look, that is cool if that is your belief.  But to me this isn’t a path to happiness.  This is a book of rules telling you how to be happy after you die.  Why do you have to work so hard to be happy when you’re not even sure if these rules will give you eternal happiness?  Oh, but that is where “faith” comes in.  That isn’t faith, that is desperation.

Here is my simple plan to happiness.  Enjoy the little things.  Did you wake up this morning?  Good, be happy.  What is the best part of your day?  Think about that moment, be happy about that moment.  Focus on what you do have and be happy about it.  I see people every day who are striving to gain some level of status or a certain number in their bank account and they are letting life pass them by.  Someone close to me says “well money makes me happy” and I say no it doesn’t.  It makes him miserable.  All he thinks about is getting more and how much everything costs which takes money out of his account.

Happiness isn’t about getting what you want.  Happiness comes from enjoying what you have already been given.  It is human nature to desire more, but our desires are placed in the wrong areas.  People want more money, I want more time to spend with good friends and family.  People want a new car or a bigger house.  I love my little car and I happen to have an awesome house by pure luck!

Make your own rules to live by.  Want my self help advice?  Seriously help yourself!  You are capable of happiness. Don’t be afraid to laugh, don’t be afraid to love and don’t live by somebody else’s rules.  It is harder to lift yourself up when others are holding you down.  Shake off the bad vibes and only focus on the positive vibes!  Try it for a week and you will see how you are actually helping yourself lead your own path to happiness.


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