Happy Place

There is kind of a nonsensical way about life and how all of this works and fits together.  I feel like the universe does guide my energy in a certain pathway.  For some reason I have a difficult time doing certain things, or like what just happened.  I am working on a new movie idea, something that is just a personal project for me and I was going to have to travel to LA to film it.  Well my tire blew out on my car, my car has damage now and I don’t think I will be able to make it to the shoot.

This all goes back to me leaving the industry behind.  This was a personal project but it is one that could potentially bring me back into working in LA, which is something I just don’t want to do.  So it is almost as if my personal projects need to stay here in the desert.  This is my sacred ground at the moment.  This is where I am meant to be for now.  The energy here is so positive and I need to really focus on that.

Focusing has always been my downfall.  I am notorious for coming up with too many ideas at a time and maybe my problem was never seeing the signs?  Or maybe I am just looking into this a little too much?  I don’t know for sure but I can honestly say that I really tend to look at things as signs these days. Things do happen for a reason and personally I feel as though I need to listen more and more to the world around me.



For example.  I had been wanting to pursue an art project for quite some time, I had totally forgotten about it, just put it off to the side and then I met Sky. She came out to model for a different project and to hang out for a couple of days.  We were driving back from Salvation Mountain, one of my favorite places to go visit and take photos at, when we started discussing different types of art and the artists we both liked.  We had many things in common despite our age gap.

Well she drove out to the desert, spent the night and went back the next day.  We took photos for both days and it was an incredible experience overall.  I met a new friend who has a great outlook on life and totally inspired me to work on a long time forgotten project. This little spot in the desert has been such an inspiration to me and is where I need to be.

I think once we find our happy place we need to surrender to it.  We need to not pursue what isn’t meant to be and focus on what is right in front of us.  The present is right here.  We all need to pay attention to it otherwise we will never fully understand the future.

I have found my happy place and I hope you all find yours too!


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