The View

I was browsing through Instagram this morning and I saw an amazing post.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was its simplicity that captured my attention.  It was a very typical photo of a guy with his feet pointed out of the open van doors with a gorgeous view of mountains.  So many people take these kinds of shots now so it wasn’t so much the image that got me, but the message.  All he said was something like, “I am so lucky” and it resonated with me.

I have tried the going minimalist thing, and it doesn’t seem to stick, people keep donating things to me!  I have tried to go back into the entertainment industry and it just doesn’t seem to work out the way I always hoped it would.  This one little post I saw today, well it gave me hope.  It made me realize that I can make the changes I really want to make, but it is up to me to want them and up to me to make them all happen.

Sky at Salvation Mountain

This past several days has been filled with some very odd moments.  Ones that make me really want to pursue an artistic life and a life filled with good vibes!  I need to still create, it fulfills me in ways I just cannot explain.  But I also love to enjoy life, help others enjoy their lives and really get the most I can out of every single moment.

I may never own another van and who knows if I’ll ever have one of those moments where I am sitting with the doors open to a mountain view or a beach view.  The view and the van are not the important part.  Knowing that I am lucky for what I have is the important part.


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