There was a line in a movie that said something like “once you decide you want to become something, you are never free.”  I am sure I messed up the exact quote, but the context is what is more important to me.  The emphasis is on “want” and this is where you will never be free.  For when you want, why do you want?  Why do I want?  I have this same issue.  Is it society telling us what our desires are?  Am I just a product or bi-product of today’s society?  Is my counter-culture anti-norm personality based off of what I have seen on TV and movies?

Eddie and the guys

I am definitely influenced by what I have seen, real and fictional.  But the philosopher in me is my guiding light.  This is where I have learned, have not always followed, but learned how to develop critical thinking patterns.  For me wanting stuff is a hard one to give up, but only for certain items.  Buying new toys isn’t something I care to do on a regular basis.  Yes I need a new camera soon, but my iPhone will work if I have to use that.  Did I have to get a new iPhone?  Well my old one was really old and it wasn’t working too well, so I took the free upgrade.  But since I waited so long they gave me one of the newer models!  And now I take a lot of photos with this new amazing phone.

But what about being free?  Well you need to look at what it is to be free?  This church is non-denominational and no I do not follow the doctrine of any religion outside of this one.  But part of what I believe is that we are all connected, therefore just because someone believes differently from me doesn’t make them wrong, it makes me part of their belief system as well because I believe we are all connected.  To me, being free is about acceptance, about finding what I want and doing everything in my power to achieve that.  I am not a slave to my wants, I am not a slave to my art.  I am free to choose.  I am free because I want something more for and from myself.

Tony Hawk

Last year, and this year, I will be a part of the “El Gato Classic” here in Palm Springs.  Last year I took photos for another blog, this year I may just go in support of it.  Eddie Elguera “El Gato” is a Pastor at a local church.  He hosts the El Gato Classic every year and gives back to the community as much as possible.  He wants to help the community, he wants to continue skating, he does all of this and is such a nice guy on top of it all!  So is he not free?  It sounds to me like he is more free than a lot of us.

Look at how you see free, because if you feel you become a slave to your desires, maybe you are seeking out the wrong desires.  Because when you go after something you want with passion and with everything you have, it is one of the most freeing experiences you can ever feel.  It is okay to want, but you should want what you want.  Don’t worry about what someone else has or what someone else does.  Make up your own mind, and if you don’t know yet, that is fine too.  Keep experimenting, keep trying and don’t worry about failure, it happens to us all.  How we recover from it shows our character, and I have always said, you only fail when you stop trying.  So even if you can’t say it to yourself, and even if we have never met, I want you to succeed.  I want your wants to become a reality.  You already have one person who has faith in you, hopefully this helps you have a little faith in yourself! You can do it.


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