Open Door Policy

I can’t decide if one of my biggest flaws is that I trust people too easily or if this is one of my biggest assets.  With staying open to the whole positive vibes thing I have going on here it is easy for people to contact me and then, for some reason they love to try to troll me into something weird.

I never let it get out of hand or go to far, but I get some really weird people contacting me.  But then I get some really amazing people who reach out.  I was instagramming the other night and a young photographer hit me up asking what The Church of Positive Vibes is all about.  I of course told them and hopefully one day soon they will be stopping by for a visit, or a prolonged stay, who knows?

Trusting people is something I like to do.  I like having faith in people, I know this is a great way to be let down, but when you are right you can end up meeting some wonderful new friends.  I remember about a year and a half ago I got a really forward email from this woman.  She was part of a cult back in the day and was all about sexual exploration.  All I can say is that when she said she was sending me a video that she had sent to her friend, it was a lot more than I had expected! I should have probably known better, but I was honestly expecting just a typical skype type of video, not undressing in the bathroom! But its all good, she ended up being pretty cool.  Never met her in person, but she was pretty cool via email.

I guess when you have open doors you definitely have to keep an open mind, and a really good filter!  I am sure I will get more people who are a little outside of the norm, but what do I think I am?  I’m a hippie born 20 years too late.  I completely missed the 60’s and my opportunity to purchase cheap land for my commune has long since past.  But I still have hope, and with all of the new friends I have met I am very optimistic about where this little church in the middle of the desert is headed!

Olivia and Teddy

We may be small with just a handful of members, but we are big in spirit and all about positive vibes and good times! And we have a giant teddy bear!


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