There are many friendships you make in your lifetime, some will outlast others and some you may honestly wish would simply just fade away.  But the good ones, you want to keep those.  For some reason, many years ago, I remember talking with Robyn on a networking site, she was an aspiring model and we really seemed to get along on a creative thinking type of level.  We ended up working together many times and eventually I hired her as my assistant.

One day she brought her friend, Kelly, with her to a photo shoot.  These two were such great friends, as an outsider who knew one of them I could tell they had a bond that was true and formed because they just connected and got each other.  This photo was taken years ago, but they still have this friendship today even though they live on opposite sides of the country now.

Robyn and Kelly

I saw them both a few months ago at Robyn’s sister’s wedding.  I felt like time had stood still.  It was just like it was back when they came into my studio so many years ago.  Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic but it made me feel good seeing that they were still so close, still drinking wine together and still acting the same connected way.

When I see good friendships it also reminds me of relationships.  You can’t force these things.  The best types of relationships are those which happen naturally and more or less take on a life of their own.  My wife has a friend like this.  They don’t really share friends with each other, but when the two of them are together there is a true connection.

Whether they are next door, down the street, across town or across the country.  Friends are important and I can guarantee you that if you were to reach out to an old friend today for absolutely no other reason than to just say “hi” they would love it.  And I am pretty sure you would too!  Connect, reconnect or go grab a beer or glass of wine together, or coffee if you do not partake in adult beverages.  But take the time out to be a friend today.  Life is short, enjoy these little moments because these memories are what you will hold close for a lifetime.  Whatever is on TV can wait, life is happening all around you, be sure to share it with others.


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