It’s Up To You

I will be the first one to admit that having fun and enjoying every moment of your life should be a priority.  But just because you wish to avoid responsibility doesn’t mean you cannot be held accountable for your own actions.  I say this based off of a recent conversation I had with someone fairly close to me.  They wanted to blame others for something which was assumed by themselves.  Blaming others for your misunderstanding and your own lack of wanting to read the fine print is simply pointing the finger and not wanting to take fault for your own actions, or lack of action.

If you want something in life, you have to make the effort to make it happen.  You cannot just sit around and wait for opportunity to strike while you are sitting in your bedroom goofing off!  Like I stated above, I am all about having fun and always up for a good time, but do you really think I could run my business, network with people, set up shoots, mentor my students and run this site if I waited for other people to do it for me?  No way!  I have to hustle and make things happen.


Avoid responsibility all you can, I am all for this, life isn’t about working and paying bills.  But don’t blame others for your shortcomings.  Especially if you have every opportunity available to you!  Accountability and responsibility are two totally different things.  Hold yourself accountable.  Be proud of who you are.  If you’re a slacker, you are a slacker by your own doing.  Your level of education does not dictate how intelligent you are.  You cannot let others tell you who you are and you cannot blame others for you not being who you want to be.

Life isn’t perfect, please don’t expect it to be.  We will all have ups and downs.  But don’t blame others for your own unhappiness.  If you are unhappy you really need to take a step back and examine your life.  I was unhappy for a long time, longer than I had realized, and I too was blaming the situation and not holding myself accountable.  So I am not speaking about this topic without direct experience!  I needed to step back and say to myself (out loud) I am only allowing the positive in my life, I am only going to look at everything from a positive point of view.  And I am not kidding when I say that this changed my life.

Some people say allow Jesus into your heart, others say accept God’s will and that he has a plan for you, and this is great if that works for you.  But for me, positive vibes worked.  I started thinking about how my reaction to something would affect my wife’s reaction, I was somewhat in control of how positive or negative something could be.  I started thinking about all of these things before acting on impulse and my world started to change for the better.  I also noticed that I no longer had to think about how to think positively, it was just happening.  I had allowed myself to be unhappy and to allow the negative vibes in.  It was all on me, and by changing my outlook I had changed my life and became very happy again.

This is why I wish this unnamed person who is close to me would start to appreciate the world they live in, the only reason they are unhappy is all their own doing.  Life is actually very good for them, I wish they could just see it.  I’ll still keep trying to help, but if someone won’t accept your help or refuses to make any positive changes to their life, there isn’t much else I can do.  I can just be me, do my best being me and be there when or if they ever ask for help. I wish them the best, but I’m still focusing on the positive and I cannot let their negativity bring me down.

Stay positive, stay gold, and always embrace each and every day with a joyful ambition of no responsibilities and total freedom! 🙂


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