Growing Perspective

I have never been one to do things like others so why would I start now?  Starting this little church is totally something in my realm of things I would probably end up doing in my life.  Nobody is really shocked.  My mom loves it, my dad chuckles and says it’s about time.  My wife just doesn’t like the word “Church” and thinks I should be more creative, and she may have a point.  I’m working on that now.

I was talking with one of the members today, which it still trips me out to say that, it makes this so real!  But I was talking with her this morning and we were exchanging stories, she is very young but not naive at all.  She has some insight into things from a perspective I wouldn’t probably see myself.  I swear that surrounding myself with younger people has given me a new way to look at things.  It keeps me grounded and it really maintains my level of empathy.  I can see the world through their eyes.

She really liked the idea of Wednesday night service being a BBQ/Pool Party type of service.  She also liked the idea of Sunday morning meditation and reflection.  Sundays are about re-centering yourself for the week and getting connected with life and the universe.  I already have a great yoga instructor who also specializes in meditation willing to help me out with this!  I also said we need to have a musical jam session!


It may sound weird, but this is all happening without really having to work too hard.  This is part of my whole belief system, put out the positive vibes and look at what happens.  I have connected with some amazing people.  Life overall has been better and I’m really kind of impressed with those who have wanted to be a part of it all.  I’ve met travelers, locals, people who are new in town and the list keeps growing.  The cool part is that we all have positive vibes in common.

I don’t know if it is a good idea to just let this little church take on a life of it’s own, but there are so many others who are looking for something positive out there.  I am currently working on the paperwork to make The Church of Positive Vibes fully official, once this happens I will definitely be working on more ideas for counseling, yoga instruction, meditation and more!  I have some bigger plans, but that is for the future.  Right now it is all about just keeping the positive motivation moving forward and helping those I can.

The other day someone gave me a pretty decent sized tip for my services.  I was heading home and stopped by the local 7-11 and there was a homeless man outside.  I had seen him before and he was always respectful to everyone.  He has two cute little dogs too.  While inside the store the clerk was complaining about him, another customer had asked if he was rude or hard to deal with and the clerk said she just didn’t like looking at him and the police won’t do anything.

Well, the police won’t do anything because he is actually hanging out across the alley in the back and it is private property where that owner isn’t complaining.  He isn’t causing a disturbance and he isn’t harassing customers for money.  Just because you don’t like his homeless look doesn’t mean you can tell him he can’t exist in your world.

I didn’t tell her, but I took the tip I was given and bought him and his dogs dinner.  Sometimes you just have to treat people like people.  This is what I mean by positive vibes.  The clerk is so unhappy with her life that she is coming down on someone else.  I would understand if he was blocking business from coming into the store, but he stays far away from the entrance, never asks for money, never bothers anyone.  He is someone who is truly down on his luck. He doesn’t drink or do drugs.  Honestly, how could I not help?

This is the spirit I want to bring out with this little church.  Just help when you can.  Be positive with your own life and maybe spread some positive vibes to someone else who may need it more than you could imagine!

My perspective will continue to grow as I surround myself with more positive people.  Helping will never get old to me.  It has also helped me move away from some negativity that keeps clawing at me.  But that is a story for another day.  This has been a very good week.  I want to keep the good vibes going!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, sometimes I just need to talk it all out too! 😉


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