I constantly find myself in situations where I have to, or at least feel like I have to have an answer.  Or answer to someone about something which quite honestly doesn’t really matter.

In the overall perspective of what is my life these little decisions just don’t have relevance to anything.  I am supposed to deliver art pieces to a potential seller but at my own expense with no guarantee of sale. I am working to pay bills I don’t care about. They are my bills and I have created them so I have to pay them, but I let this habit perpetuate into a routine and then these bills become larger so I have to work more and the cycle continues. 

What I have been doing lately is finding ways to eliminate these bills which end up taking up so much of my time and energy.  And I want my time and energy to be spent more wisely so therefore I have to be the one to make the changes which need to be made.

I have thought about many different options, everything from selling all of my possessions and moving into a van to starting a business I know will make a lot f money!  But what do I want?  What do I want for my life?

This is where I begin to figure it all out.  I want to meet new people, hang out with people who have a story to share.  I enjoy being around people with positive energy.  The negativity of others can really bring you down. Even if you try to not let it get to you, just being around it makes life more difficult than it needs to be.

I’m probably just rambling on right now.  But today is a new day and what I do with it is totally up to me.  How I view today’s problems is within my own control.

Every moment is a new chance to change directions.  Nothing is permanent so don’t let yourself believe that it is. 

Today is another new beginning and I chose to be happy.  I choose to enjoy the little things today.  I’m not sure where this will take me but I’m always up for a new adventure. 


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