No Plans

I’ve been thinking about my life lately.  Where I’m at, where I’ve been, where I may or may not be going.  It’s a very interesting topic in my head at the moment.

I have such different interests in things that I am not sure which I should pursue which I should hold off on or if I should just follow my heart and live day to day?  I kind of like the idea of living on a whim.  No solid plans, just following intuition and letting things happen organically.

There is part of me which wants stability and still has this desire to build a huge business, but then I think to myself, this is all BS.  So many things we do just don’t matter.  Selling things that don’t need to be sold, building things that don’t need to be built, creating products which really have no legitimate use is not something I wish to really be a part of.  This is were I have my western civilization training in me and really need to break it and rid this from my way of thinking.  But it is harder than it seems!

There is a real desire instilled in us to want more and more, no matter what it is.  I want more, but what I want more of is time to experience life.  Fewer things, more experiences.  This is my new goal.  Of course I still will create art, which is something I am still trying to figure out because I don’t want it to fall into the category of creating stuff that doesn’t really need to exist.

This is why I like digital photography.  As much as I love film, and as much nostalgia it brings to me, it isn’t the best medium for the planet.  I am not going to go on a rant, but I have decided that I probably will rarely shoot film anymore.  I love my digital camera and my digital dark room.  I can’t complain!  So if I want to feel nostalgic I’ll just use my hand tools for my carpentry work.  This reminds me of how I grew up learning how to do things the truly manual way.

I’m still figuring it all out. I still have lots to learn, lots to talk about and lots to figure out.  But I kind of feel like we are all in the same boat.  Life isn’t easy, it isn’t meant to be.  But it is meant to be lived.  And this is what I intend to do from now on.  Live life, experience life, appreciate all life and do my best to be my best every single day.  I will fail at times, I will succeed in ways I know I won’t expect to.  This is all part of the experience.  I look forward to tomorrow with an open mind and an open heart.

Today’s photo pretty much sums up my past week.  Music, friends, hanging out, good times and making memories.  Gaining more experiences for the vault in my brain.  🙂


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