Breaking Point

I hit a personal breaking point the other day.  For a very long time now I have been helping others.  Everything from working for free to taking care of their pets to all sorts of different things I would do for people in my life.  Well the other day, when I least expected it, well it hit me.  

As much as I enjoy helping others, I have to also be responsible and not allow them to take advantage of me.  If you need help I’m here but don’t assume I’m willing to continue to help if you no longer need it and just want it.

This is a common trait in certain people.  I had some friends a few years ago do this to me.  Long story short I helped them build their business, they agreed to pay me an acceptable wage for my time and experience, well when it came time to work, they suddenly didn’t budget correctly and asked me if I could possibly work for less.  

If I had said no, I would have been out of income for 6 weeks.  If I said yes I was making substantially less than I had counted on, but it would be an income.  So I helped them and took a smaller wage.  While I spent 6 weeks workin for them, in this time they spent $3000 on a birthday present for their significant other, took a weeks vacation in Hawaii and went out to fancy dinners almost every night with friends.  

In the end, for whatever reason, they found ways to make it sound like I was to blame for all of this.  I lost two friends, but were they really friends?  No, I guess they weren’t. 

This was not a breaking point, but the other day, it was.  This is the downside of helping others.  I don’t want to get into it just yet as it is still too new, I need to step back and have a better perspective before venting it all out to the world.  But I have stopped it dead in its tracks.  It takes a lot to get me mad, but I’ll just say I was there and I put an abrupt end to the bad situation.

Now in the true nature of positive vibes, I don’t look at this as a bad thing.  I learned where my breaking point is and how I let myself get there.  Life is a learning experience and the knowledge I gained from all of this will help me from now on.  This may have been my breaking point but it is also the start of a new way of thinking and a new way of how I will help others in the future. 

I have learned more about balance and that I have to also take care of myself and my own needs before taking care of everyone else’s needs.  It isn’t selfish to take care of yourself. It is a necessity! 

I’ve learned that I need to make some immediate changes in my own life.  These are not all easy decisions to make,  but this is my life, it may be the only one I get, so if I don’t do it right, well then the only one to blame is me.  

I’ve turned my profession into a hobby, I’ve taken up a couple of new career paths to see where they may lead.  All of these decisions came from smaller breaking points in my life.  Breaking points do break you, they awaken your senses.  Realization is a wonderful thing and this is what leads to better things.  

Have a happy Sunday 🙂 


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