One thing that has become a habit of mine is reclaiming wood for new projects. I’ve built book shelves, magazine racks, counters and many more small items from reclaimed lumber. 

This is wood which is meant for the dump.  It is in perfectly good condition but it has been used before so people just don’t want it.  This doesn’t make any sense to me.  But this is the type of society we live in.We use things and throw them away.  It becomes so common that we even do this with friendship and relationships. We live in a disposable world, but do we really?

Do you want to be disposable to someone else?  Would you want someone thinking of your prized possessions as garbage? Or if something you worked hard on and built with your own hands suddenly became garbage how would that make you feel? 

I repurpose items because I don’t like waste.  This is the same reason I cherish friends and the people in my life.  There have been bad people, but I have learned lessons from them. The bad seem to exit themselves from my life, this keeps me from having to throw them away.  

There is also one key element to the task of repurposing anything.  It means to find a new purpose.  It allows you to start again.  Maybe we all need a little repurposing every now and then? 

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