Our Reverend Jim

Reverend Jim is our spiritual leader and founder of The Church of Positive Vibes.  His studies have been in world philosophy as well as theology.  He teaches love and acceptance through meditation and positive thinking.

Jim’s past is very vast and ranges in all different walks of life.  He is a carpenter, photographer, surfer, musician, nature enthusiast and animal advocate.  His life experience has taken him on the road as a professional musician as well as teacher of the arts.  He has been practicing philosophy for over 20 years and a reverend since 2002.  While he holds the title of “Reverend” he does not practice any one specific modern religion.  His philosophies are based off of his personal belief system.

“The world shows us it’s horrors on a daily basis, the only way to combat these negative feelings is with positive feelings.  Good cannot defeat evil by becoming evil, good wins simply by being good.”  -The Reverend Jim

And not to sound silly, but to quote Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure… “Be excellent to each other.”

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