Our Philosophy

The Church of Positive Vibes is a place of universal love and acceptance.  We are technically a non-denominational church, but we do have a strong belief in spirituality and the connection of all things in the Universe.  Our non-denominational title is simply because there is no current religion which follows the ideals we share.  Our stance is we are all connected.  The Earth, The Universe, All Life.  We are energy, we are one.

We know we are more alike as human beings than we are different.  We share the same emotions, the same desires and we are all people, no matter the color of our skin or of our sexual orientation and preferences.  Love is love.

Our goal, to put it simply and to use the words of the legendary Bob Marley, “One Love” pretty much sums it up.  We believe in treating all living things with respect.  We believe in our energy and how we are all connected to the Universe.  We believe in each other and support each other.  We believe in equality and love.

Many philosophers have stated, once you realize you do not know the answer and accept you do not know the answer, this is when you can begin to understand.  This is our philosophy.  We do not claim to know, we are just enjoying the journey and accept we are still unsure of our final destination, or next destination, we really don’t know.  The greatest gift is simply that you woke up to enjoy today!


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